Leader of Council Pledges No Borough-Wide Lockdown

Leader of the Council Mohammed Khan has pledged to avoid a Borough-wide lockdown if further measures are necessary to bring the spread of Covid-19 under control.

Conservative campaigner Martin Kerry asked the following question of Cllr Khan at the Council Forum:

"Given the experience of Leicester and the Mayor's view that a city-wide lockdown was not needed, will Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council undertake to make any lockdown to be targeted to specific areas and specific venues or businesses rather than a Borough-wide approach?"

Cllr Khan responded "I can confirm we have no intention of allowing Borough-wide lockdown like Leicester. It is our view such a measure for Blackburn with Darwen will not effectively address the specific Covid-19 challenges we have at this time. If we do have to begin reversing specific lockdown measures at the end of July these will be proportionate and targeted at the specific cause of continuous community transmission. There is no indication at the moment to suggest that a Borough-wide lockdown of commercial venues and businesses would be necessary or effective to contain the spread of the virus".

It is to be hoped that no lockdown is required in Blackburn with Darwen at all. But if it is then local businesses will be relieved to hear the Council's commitment to avoiding a Borough-wide lockdown. Having to close again so soon after reopening would be a calamity for many small businesses.