Martin Needham

Like most people I have served my time as an armchair warrior continually discussing, debating and disagreeing the actions or inaction of a Labour controlled Blackburn council, with parking fees in town creeping up, charges to remove green waste, houses being built on all our green belt land and generally poor decision making leading to wasted tax payers money, that’s my money and yours.  Don’t let the Red army kid you either, they claim there is no money due to Conservative cuts but Blackburn With Darwen Borough Council last year brought in more than a quarter of a Billion pounds, but they seem more inclined to support excessive executive pay packets than they do to support our community or our town.  This is why I am standing as a councillor, why I want to get involved, I want to shakeup the status quo, to stop comfy councillors being continually re-elected and going on to waste more of our money.

For many years I considered myself a Labour supporter.  I come from a working-class background, my father a builder and mother an auxiliary nurse, both came over from Ireland to the UK in the sixties looking for work and settled in Blackburn and although I have travelled for work, Blackburn has always remained my home.  A Labour town and working-class parents, made sense that I considered myself Labour threw and threw.  Until a few years ago when the Labour party changed.  When I compare ideals of the Labour party now and the Conservatives, it is in fact the conservatives that now support working families, that support a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay and has become the peoples party for the many, this is why I support the Conservative Party and through them hope to make our community better, safer and fairer.

I never wanted or even considered entering politics but the more I see the less I like.  To many question and no answers, like; why do we have so many people employed by BwD that earn more than the Prime Minister (£150k)? or why do we continually allow building on green belt land when we have demolished half of the town and left it to rot?  But rather than sit back and complain, I will stand up and try to make changes, to save money, to make a difference.  
But I will need your help, consider what your vote means, don’t vote for someone just because you always have, consider why and who and have they served you well, if not then change.  Stop seeing red and make Blackburn Blue a town for the many not the few.

Thank you for your time and allowing me to serve.