Tommy Temperley

I have been living in the area for some 35 years. I am a volunteer for two charities in the area - Community Spirit where I cut hair for the homeless and the second is Kingdom Outreach where we provide an open house on King Street in the town centre and during the school holidays we provide lunches for children.

I have a particular passion for the wards of Roe Lee and Billinge & Beardwood. I feel these areas are being neglected and need a good voice concerning planning and housing, education, local refuse collection, parks and leisure facilities, transport, and keeping local people safe.  Power needs to be back where it belongs, “In the hands of local people.” The council's development plans are of particular concern to me.

The council's plans for development have made me realise just how important our public representatives are. We need councillors who listen to local residents. It is important for representatives to take the time to hear what everyone has to say, so that they can genuinely represent the views of residents. Everyone deserves to be fairly represented at all levels of government.



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I have lived in Blackburn all my life and went to a local school. At university I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering .I joined a multinational company as a production manager then started my own manufacturing business in Blackburn, which at one time employed over 25 people.