Tommy Temperley

This is my first time standing as for Ward Councillor, I have been living in the area for some 35 years. I am a volunteer for two charities in the area Community Spirit were I cut hair for the homeless the second is Kingdom Outreach were we provide an open house on King Street in the town centre, during the school holidays we provide lunches for children. I have chosen Roe Lee and Brownhill as I have a passion for the area, and I feel the area is being neglected and needs a good voice to concerning planning and housing, education, local refuse collection, parks and leisure facilities, transport, keeping local people safe.  Power needs to be back where it belongs, “In the hands of local people.” Undertaking a review of planning permission rules and council selling off land in the Roe Lee and Brownhill area.

This has made me realise just how important our public representatives are. The work will be challenging and requires much more listening than talking. It is important for representatives to take the time to hear what everyone has to say, so that I can genuinely represent the views of the constituents. Everyone deserves to be fairly represented at all levels of government. I want to support the community of Roe Lee and Brownhill in every way possible and make sure residents’ needs and wishes are heard.

The Conservative Association contacted me to ask if I would consider standing for election. I decided to stand because I have encountered many councillors during the course of my life in local government. A few have been inspirational figures, but some weren’t all that good and I thought: ‘If they can do it, I can.  I am particularly keen to improve the life chances of all people. I have a strong sense of shared experience with many of the people in my community: a cultural awareness and an understanding of their background and heritage. This means that I speak from a particular vantage point and am able to convey messages between the community and the council.



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