Asghar Ali

I have lived in Blackburn all my life went to local school. At university I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering .I joined a multinational company as a production manager then started my own manufacturing business in Blackburn, which at one time employed over 25 people.

Mark Russell

I was born in Blackburn, live in Blackburn and work for a successful Blackburn technology company that operates on a national level. I have a degree in economics, which has done surprisingly little to prevent me spending money on beer, gambling and sports.

Helen A R Voegt

Hi my name is Helen; I am a Blackburn lass and live in the Corporation Park Ward with my husband Paul. I am the owner and Managing Director of No1 Caterers Ltd, Blackburn, and am the winner and current holder of the Jane Asher Home Baker of the Year. 

Martin Needham

Like most people I have served my time as an armchair warrior continually discussing, debating and disagreeing the actions or inaction of a Labour controlled Blackburn council, with parking fees in town creeping up, charges to remove green waste, houses being built on all our green belt land and

Tommy Temperley

This is my first time standing as for Ward Councillor, I have been living in the area for some 35 years.