Labour's Blue Bin Muddle

Labour have spent £1.5m introducing new blue bins to increase recycling rates by reducing confusion. However, they have increased confusion by delivering bins with the wrong lids.

The incorrect lids state that waxed cartons can go in the blue bins, whereas the correct bin lids state that they are for clean paper and cardboard only.

The Council have now said that waxed cartons can go in either bin. This contradicts the leaflet they have sent to each household saying that the blue bin is for clean paper and cardboard only.

The new bins were supposed to be exclusively for clean cardboard and paper because of confusion causing residents to put incorrect items in the grey recycling bin. When incorrect items are put in bins they cause the entire load to be sent to landfill instead of being recycled, costing taxpayers extra money. It was hoped the extra bin would at least enable paper and cardboard to avoid contamination from other items.

It is unknown how many bins with the wrong lids have been delivered, but some households in Livesey with Pleasington and Mill Hill & Moorgate are known to be affected.

It is to be hoped that recycling rates are not affected or the Council may have just wasted at least part of the £1.5m Labour spent on the bins.