Paul Marrow


Labour's Blue Bin Muddle

Labour have spent £1.5m introducing new blue bins to increase recycling rates by reducing confusion. However, they have increased confusion by delivering bins with the wrong lids.

Labour Ignore Conservative Proposal to Prevent Traffic Chaos

Labour Councillors have voted through plans for a new Recycling Centre on Lower Eccleshill Road, ignoring concerns over traffic congestion. The Conservatives wanted the council to investigate the possibility of using trains to deliver waste to the site instead.

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Councillor - Billinge & Beardwood

Elected: 03 May 2018
First Elected: 28 July 2011
Ward: Billinge & Beardwood


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Councillor - Livesey with Pleasington

Elected: 03 May 2018
First Elected: 07 June 2001
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