Roe Lee

Your Conservative team for Roe Lee is headed up by your Conservative candidate and local resident Martin Kerry. If you have any questions for Martin or would like to bring any issues to his attention then please contact us.

Please take our Roe Lee survey so that we know what you want to be done for the ward. We need to know what you think so that we can campaign for what you want.


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Martin Kerry

Council Candidate - Roe Lee

I was born on a council estate in Salford and attended the local comprehensive school. My parents always instilled in me a work ethic and I surprised both them and myself by becoming the first person in my family to go to university.

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Roe Lee Survey

Please share your views on Roe Lee by completing the survey below.

We need to know what you think so we can campaign for what you want.


Conservatives Select Martin Kerry for Roe Lee

Blackburn Conservatives are delighted to announce that Martin Kerry has been selected as our candidate to contest the Roe Lee ward at the 2020 local elections.