Livesey with Pleasington

Your Conservative team in Livesey with Pleasington is headed up by our 2 sitting Councillors for the ward:

Cllr Derek Hardman
Cllr Paul Marrow

Together they work hard to deal with issues affecting local residents and retain Livesey with Pleasington's status as a great place to live.

Please take our Livesey with Pleasington survey so that we know what you want to be done for your ward. We need to know what you think so we can campaign for what you want.

Your 3rd Conservative councillor for the ward, John Pearson, sadly passed away on 16th May 2020. Due to coronavirus, no by-election will be held and the vacant seat will be filled at the local elections scheduled to take place in May 2021.


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Derek Hardman

Councillor - Livesey with Pleasington

Elected: 03 May 2018
First Elected: 07 June 2001
Ward: Livesey with Pleasington


Paul Marrow

Councillor - Livesey with Pleasington

Elected: 02 May 2019
First Elected: 06 May 2016
Ward: Livesey with Pleasington

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Livesey with Pleasington Survey

Please share your views on Livesey with Pleasington by completing the survey below.

We need to know what you think so we can campaign for what you want.


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