Labour Hit Businesses With £100 Fee

The Council have chosen to charge businesses the maximum possible amount to set up tables and chairs on the pavement.

Businesses such as pubs and restaurants wanting to help the fight against Covid-19 and encourage social distancing by introducing outdoor seating will have to pay a £100 fee to the Council. This is double what Hyndburn businesses are being charged for the same, and four times what Burnley's council is charging.

Conservative Cllr Paul Marrow said "This is not very good. Setting the cost of the licence at £100 is not going to help businesses that need all the help they can get".

Mark Russell, Deputy Chair of Blackburn Conservatives, said "Pubs and restaurants are already hurt by the impact of Covid-19. It is greedy and just plain wrong to charge businesses £100 to take action that will help prevent the virus spreading".