Mark Russell

Deputy Chair (Political), Blackburn Conservative Association

Born in Blackburn and living in Blackburn, I am passionate about our town and believe it can do much better than it has in recent years under Labour.


Rizwan Ali Shah Joins the Conservatives

Rizwan Ali Shah has joined the Conservative Party.

Rizwan, who stood as an independent candidate for Blackburn at the last General Election, announced he was joining the Party at a gathering of supporters and friends at Shahi Qila restaurant on Shear Bank Road.

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H.A. Julian Arnold

Chairman, Blackburn Conservative Association

I am a local businessman who has been involved with the Conservative Party all my life.I am proud to lead the Association at this important time in International,national and local politics.If you would like to talk to me on any matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keith Murray

Treasurer, Blackburn Conservative Association

Mobile No.: 07784113927