Rizwan Ali Shah Joins the Conservatives

Rizwan Ali Shah has joined the Conservative Party.

Rizwan, who stood as an independent candidate for Blackburn at the last General Election, announced he was joining the Party at a gathering of supporters and friends at Shahi Qila restaurant on Shear Bank Road.

A1TV cameras were present to cover Rizwan's announcement as all present enjoyed a delicious meal and speeches given by Rizwan and Imtiaz Ali, the Conservative candidate for Billinge & Beardwood. Chairman of Blackburn Conservative Association Julian Arnold attended the event along with Deputy Chair Mark Russell and Roe Lee candidate Martin Kerry. A1TV interviews with Rizwan, Julian and Bushra Irfan can be viewed here.

Julian Arnold said "The future is bright for the Tory Party in Blackburn. We've got people of the calibre of Rizwan joining us and I would say to everyone in Blackburn that you're very welcome to join the Party. Our values are very close to British Muslim values and I would really like to welcome Rizwan to our ranks".